[VIDEO] James Woods Just Shared the Most Savage and Damaging Anti-Biden Ad You’ll Ever See…And It’s Viral

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Sure, SuperPacs can make a nasty ad here and there – most are boring and ineffective.

But once in a while, an ad will come by that is so good and so powerful and so spot-on that it just sucks you in and you watch it like 10 times over and still can’t get enough.

That’s what this anti-Biden ad is like.

Pro-Trump actor James Woods just shared it and it’s gone CRAZY viral.

The premise of the ad is similar to “Weekend at Bernie’s” where the dead guy is dressed up and paraded around like he’s still alive, and hilarity ensues.

Only this version has Joe as the “Bernie” character and he’s in his infamous “basement…”

That’s where the ad begins, with two young political handlers standing nervously at the top of basement steps looking down…

And from there, it’s just 100% PURE SPOT-ON GOLD.

You can watch the video below

It’s amazing how much this wacky ad is close to the actual situation we’re all seeing unfold every single day.

Gotta hand to James Woods, this was a great share.

I hope you enjoyed it and spread the word!


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