James Woods Hits Back With this Brilliant Response When AOC Starts Threatening to Target Trump Supporters

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Well it seems like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is really on a high horse after her party failed to win back the Senate and are barely hanging onto the House.

Wow, that’s some really tolerant behavior.

She really is a socialist through and through.

I mean, this is what socialist leaders like Stalin, Lenin and Castro would do, they would track and destroy those who didn’t promote their ideology.

And that’s exactly the comparison that James Woods made in this blistering response.

Ha! That’s downright brilliant!

And Wood’s isn’t the only one daring AOC to him on her list:

Add me to your list, PsychoBartender!!

Come and get me, AOC! 😉

This is EXACTLY what they did in Cuba…

In Venezuela Chavez and Maduro loved making lists of people that opposes them. Communists are experts in those kind of lists…

Exactly 🙋🏻‍♀️ me too, put me second on the list…..hunny

This is just the start folks.

Now that Dems think they’ve pushed through a fraudulent president they’re only going to get brazen.

It’s important that we stand up and fight against this tyranny.





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