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Capitol Hill Police Disregard ‘Unconscious Or Dead’ Body Of Trump Supporter Outside Capitol On January 6th

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  1. Darrell Fisher says:

    Why post the continued lie?? The lady shot was not in the process of breaching the Capitil building. There was no reason for her being shot. In the footage she is on someone’s shoulders looking in the window. Nothing else she wasnt trying to break in she wasnt breaking anything simply looking in the window. The Antifa that was breaking in they wasnt shot. They whom was much closer to the shooter and was literally breaking the glass. Why wasnt they shot? Instead a woman looking in the glass displaying no threat at all was the one that man shot. That man should be charged for murder for killing a unarmed woman that was not a threat to him or The Capitol building. That’s murder. Why not shot the Antifia whom was actually the threat and was breaking the glass in the door. That can easily be answered because they was told not to harm the Antifa members because the Left paid them to be there and put Trump gear on to pretend to be Trump supporters. The Left had them scattered through that crowd and had them inticing the violence.. As usual the truth will be ignored by the media and the false Lefts narrative will continued to be pushed by the Liberal owned media. The left are murders the ones responsible for staging this entire event. They should be held responsible for their participation. But as usual they will get away with it because they have no laws to follow.
    It’s even more disgusting that media site like this will help them push their false accusations of putting what happened at the Capitol building on Trump Supporters when it was a staged event paid for and ran by the Lefts Lefts terrorist groups Antifia and BLM. 2 domestic terroist groups founded and paid for by the corrupt Left.

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