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[VIDEO] NewsMax Commits Suicide, Brings Mike Lindell On To Discuss Big Tech, Media Censorship, Then Proceeds to Censor Mike Lindell, Walks Off Set

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  1. Peggy Tobias says:

    I saw what happened today, was very disturbed by the way the host acted, got up and left. What was actually trying to do? Decided will not watch the show again because of the actions of the host, was ridiculous. Reminded me of a spoiled brat getting up and leaving due to not getting his way. Then then shut Lindell off, ridiculous.

  2. preston napier says:

    Newsmax I fear will lose their way. Just like the rest of them. They have already shown that they will now down when they get pushed on a little bit. They have no backbone, where are our patriots in this our when we need them so.

  3. Elizabeth Hedrick says:

    I thought Newsmax was more of a conservative, news media.. I highly disagree with the way Mike Lindell was treated by the News Caster. I love Mike Lindell and everything he stands for political. He is an honest man and has admitted to his mistakes in life. Unlike the media!!!!!

  4. Pamela says:

    NewsMax. Just lost me as a view
    Sorry bye bye
    You WALKED out you big baby.
    This is BS
    Newsmax is just another mouthpiece
    Why not ask him what was the evidence
    You CANNOT CENSOR his speech

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