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BREAKING: Kevin McCarthy releases statement on Marjorie Taylor Greene

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  1. Connie Delcourt says:

    Really Mr. McCarthy? Pelosi wants to “get back to real work?””” hahahahahahahahahaha. Is THAT why she is trying to impeach a “Former President”????? Spending OUR TAX DOLLARS on such nonsense. You don’t have one ounce of credibility Mr. McCarthy. We can all see that for sure.

  2. debra campbell says:

    if the democrats want to hold marjorie greene to that standard from her past then they the democrats had better hold themselves to the same standards period furthermore lets open records of all democrats and republicans who in the past were elected officials unlike marjorie greene who have skeletons in there closets !!! if not then all of you need to go home the system is corrupt no matter who you are get the hell out of the peoples house the senate the congress got it ???

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