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Dominion Lawyer Says They ‘Warned’ OAN Not to Air Mike Lindell Doc –

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  1. keith laney says:

    The many millions of people that watched it already were of the opinion that Dominion is the cheating bunch of snakes that they apparently prove by threat, and wish them to know that We are coming for THEM. You don’t get to do what you did in our nation. You are caught, and you are scared. Be scared, Mike Lindell WANTS you to take him to court, and is suing you as well. Rudy and Sidney and many many others…are coming for YOU, your days are quite numbered. That’s not a threat, that’s a promise that won’t be broken.

  2. twinlightwave45 says:

    Dominion and their attorney are nothing but bullies. I hope OAN tells them to got pound sand.

  3. Mike says:

    Dominion certainly has a lot of balls pretending their machines are nothing short of total crap! They should cut their losses and crawl under a rock somewhere and pray they don’t wind up in leg irons!!

  4. Rachelle Cox says:

    They mean they (Dominion) bullied the other outlets as well. Dominion KNOWS they are TOAST after the American people have seen their true colors and what they were complicit in doing (stealing an election). I suspect they have been doing it for some time and have been well paid by the Chinese and globalists/socialists like Soros and others for their efforts. Good luck taking any of these outlets or whistleblowers to court, Dominion. There is where you will go to DIE.

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