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The martyrdom of Mike Pence

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  1. Dwain Dibley says:

    A wonderful piece of Fantasy Fiction.

    1. Karen says:

      Total agreement with your analysis. They keep telling themselves all these lies hoping that when all hell breaks loose,they will fe safe. Well, let’s just say there’s no honor among corrupt individuals… and these so-called “journalist” are going to have treads up their back from the people they “supported.”

  2. Jeffrey Gross says:

    Your a moron and a worthless journalist. No matter how many times you say something doesn’t make it facts. It is on the government to PROVE our election wasn’t stolen. Have they? Nope they try to hide EVERYTHING like Clinton’s emails. Now from press school on up if someone is hiding the truth then they are lying. You just so happen to write for someone that allows you to try and change the facts. In Illegitimate President Bidens case just because your in possession of a stolen election does not mean you own it. In the real world that is receiving stolen property. So if the Government thats for We the People is above the law than so shall we be

  3. Dave says:

    That pedophile will answer for his crimes.

  4. Theresa Mills says:

    Wow, is this how you falsely accuse someone who has done everything for the World. Do you actually think people are going to believe this crap! You’re all going down and this is your futile attempt at smearing a great man! May you all rot in hell!!!

  5. MissMacInTX says:

    Unfortunately, Mike Pence knew the traditions and origins behind the US Constitution. Without clearer evidence…specifics, not just bits and pieces, to show that certain states (other thanPA) had not followed their own election laws, Pence was really not in a strong position to challenge the electoral college. I think the evidence may still come out, but at that moment… it may not have been sufficient.


    You are blinded. So wrong about Pence. He is a traitor to 75 million Americans and so are you!!!!!

  7. danny says:

    Your lies may be believed in a leftist site. You drip dishonesty and vile. Antifa much?

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