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The Capitol attack film was brutal. That’s why it must be watched

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  1. danny says:

    Those thugs behaving like savages are Antifa inciters. You swallowed the doctored videos, the lies and the BS hook, line and sinker. Get informed before you post.

  2. Fuck Joe biden says:

    I would bet a years paycheck that the individuals that where the ones with weapons were most likely the ones that were escorted there in four or five bis loads and were attacking the capital while president Trumps speech was still on going. The American people are not as stupid as the mom makes them out to be . This was a cowardinates planned attack using the same groups which burnt, looted, and destroyed America all summer long. Trump supporters did not show up to the rally with weapons despite what the left wants us to believe. They brought their paid rioters there with the plan that they would generate mob mentally and get Trump supporters to join in . Period

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