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Trump Lawyer’s Closing Video Brilliantly Uses Clips Of Unhinged Democrat Lawmakers To Expose Why They Really Want To Impeach Trump [VIDEO]

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  1. Penny IAugustus says:

    Unable to see the video.

  2. Jade says:

    There is no vid

  3. Vhollis says:

    The truth has been revealed🇺🇸
    Prayers for our Nation🙏🏻
    And our President of the USA🇺🇸
    The power of our God is in control of all things ✝️
    Many see the truth and know of the evilness‼️
    May the light shine in others so that all may see☀️

  4. Keane says:

    I pray to God in the end justice prevails for these mass Corrupt voter fraud United States has ever seen. CCP’s Bidens Stooges and the Democrats are all behind us to destroy America to push forward their communism Agenda realistically turning us into a Third World country almost overnight how sad and disgusting add to this the child sex trafficking that they are all involved in will make your head spin

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