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Joe Biden ‘Committed’ to Pushing Gun Control, Jen Psaki Says an Executive Order on Guns is on the Way

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  1. Jacc says:

    Two things (1) this “phenomenon” is being repeated as follows: First the Democrats start blabbing about gun control. Then a mass shooting takes place. Then the democrats (supposedly) us the mass shooting to hype their gun control bills. Then – most of the time – the combined opposition groups stop or at least modify the gun control bills put up by Democrats. — then of course “rinse -repeat” This has been going on since the late Sixties and was revived by The Clinton Partner Regime in the 1990s.
    Lets start thinking about eliminating the Democratic Party entirely. They have no purpose but to disrupt and destroy our way of life, our form of freedom for individuals.
    (2) Thw Democrats have seen the success of the state-based 2nd Amendment groups and are smart enough to try this tactic themselves. So lets up our own game and do what is possible and necessary to block the Democrats at the state and local levels. Lets get some defensive teams set up to defeat the Democrats’ effirts, Shut them to hell down!!

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